Hocco is a digital agency creating online experiences – poised for precision in strategy, design and code. Our focus has always been to create intuitive and remarkable experience for people. Our clients are small and big firms such as SCG, UOB, Philip Morris, Land & Houses, Beiersdorf



Software Engineering

With the greatest and latest technology which we integrate with our partner, you can be assured that your software will be with high level of efficiency, safety, and up to the standard. We have selected good practice and development processes which are suitable for your business. The result is that you will possess software which is practical and facilitates your business to achieve the target.

Design Solution

We think and design meticulously and then apply it to the various and different kinds of businesses. Besides, we ponder comprehensive solution via understanding the ways by which businesses are operating, the cooperative working, thinking and working process, as well as the internal cooperation, which responds to the organization and users most effectively through the deployment of technologies or innovations for the memorable experience.

UX and UI design

We attach much weight to such a design that enables users to understand easily and   proceed seamlessly despite the aesthetic, impressive and attractive features being retained.

We provide not only the easy-to-understand design but also the concept encompassing the decent cooperation between users and your business, including the favorable relationship between you and our service. The main aim is the utmost benefits for your end users as we believe that good UX and UI result from efficient cooperation procedure between your real demand and our professional services.

Analytics and Optimization

To enrich your decision-making and make it easier and more effective, we provide tools and analytic processes to pinpoint and capture the essential insight information about your customers. The data will help your business grow in the right direction you will never guess.

Time and Google’s first page wait for no man, so we build your software with optimization in mind, for both content and performance. Your customers will discover you quickly with ease. No time to waste as it is blazingly fast.